Professional Organizations in Chemistry:

American Chemical Society 

Chemical & Engineering News

Society for Applied Spectroscopy 

Association of Managers of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories  

Association Of Analytical Communities 

American Society for Testing Materials 

Sigma Xi 

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds SDBS 

International Spectroscopic Data Bank 

International Council of Chemical Associations 

American Chemistry Council 

Professional Organizations in Biology:

Society of Biology 

American Society for Cell Biology 

American Institute of Biological Sciences 

Human Biology Association 

Human Biology, Health, and Society (HBHS

American Society for Microbiology 

Society for General Microbiology: Home 

International Union of Microbiological Societies 

Professional Organizations in Biochemistry:

Biochemical Society 

MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association 

Association of Biochemistry Course Directors 

Panamerican Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 


Professional Organizations in Bioinformatics:

International Society for Computational Biology: ISCB 

Bioinformatics.Org: Bioinformatics Organization 

IAENG Society of Bioinformatics


SocBiN -- Society for Bioinformatics in Northern Europe 

AASBi : Association of Asian Societies for Bioinformatics